Seven Season Films Photography & Media Production is the vehicle in which owner Jason Andre moves to capture moments in time to create and recreate what he sees, hears, and feels. Whether it is in the form of music, film, photography, podcasts, or graphic design, he strives to create powerful and moving professional media in unique and beautiful ways for others to enjoy.

With a love and passion for the audio visual arts, travel, and people, as well as the stories in between, Jason has dedicated his career and small business to creating and story telling in many forms. As a self taught artist, musician, and audio visual engineer, he has worked in and out of the local film industry, performed at major music festivals, and has traveled to document everything from the gray whales of Baja California to the Buddhist Monks of Japan.

When he's not out wandering the land or on the high seas, he's home capturing images of some of the most extravagant homes in the Cape Fear region, producing podcasts, and playing music with his friends. He is a professional musician and recording artist, having self produced several solo albums as well as with his band The Midatlantic. He regularly   contributes instrumentation for fellow artists on stage and in the studio, and has helped launch a number of podcasts, including the award winning Ladies Knight (a podcast dedicated to women's chess). When he's not behind a camera or a computer, he can be found at home enjoying life with his amazing and beautiful wife, working in his shop on some new project, playing in the water off the coast, or picking some tunes in the backyard.